Mame Khan & Purbayan Chatterjee Live

Shikhar Naad Qureshi - Djembe Tanay Rege - Tabla Anay Gadgil / Sangeet Haldipur - Keys Sadam Khan - Sarangi Savai Khan - Kartak / Dholak Aditya Oke - Sound Design Rahul Joglekar - Lights Design

Directed by Harshad Parashare

With tunes from the dunes and the strings of sitar, this is a power-packed performance in the true sense with solid percussion, lights, and stagecraft. This stand-up concert is designed as a straight 100-minute performance that is adorned with a contemporary set of musicians. The show is studded with Vocals, Sitar, Sarangi, Dholak, Kartal, and Keys.


Saturday, May 11 2024

Royal Opera House: Mumbai

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