Nathuram Godse - Sharad Ponkshe & Ensemble

A two-act Marathi play [English audio available via BYOD] that has created a history for last 20 years! A drama that presents the point of view of Nathuram Godse who assassinated Mahatma Gandhi. It is based on the actual statement of Nathuram Godse which he gave in court at the Red Fort, Delhi during his trial. Though the reasons and explanations were not made accessible to the public, the story of Nathuram explores the drama that unfolded during the period, marking an important incident in the history of India. Starring Sharad Ponkshe in the lead, the play states facts rather than supporting a narrative, making it a must-watch for all.

July – August 2024

  • Aarya Ambekar Live
  • Zeeshan Ali Live

Sāns : In Hindi (a language widely spoken across India) it means breath, without which life is impossible. In French (the language of love) it means without, a lack of or an absence of. Sāns (breath) is also the basis of music. Language was invented to be a means of communication, music is one medium that transcends all boundaries and limitations.Through SĀNS – A Para Share Experience, we present our first ever international music festival across the United States!

September 2024

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