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Content in spotlight @PSE - By Harshad Parashare

About 11 months back we bumped into a video by Piyush Mishra and thought, “this is quite interesting. It can be a unique proposition in this otherwise routine market“. Upon introspection we realized that the content of his show/band, Ballimaaraanis profound, and it would be a matter of pride to present them in the United States. There was good amount of risk involved as nothing of this style was being presented in the American market, yet, and we slept over it.

We finally took the plunge, and today, when we look back we feel every bit of that risk was worth it! We were destined to work on it and here is what we feel in retrospective:

  1. Talent and Appeal: Piyush Mishra is a multifaceted artist known for his captivating performances in acting, writing, and music. His talent and versatility attracted a diverse audience, ensuring a successful tour.
  2. Unique Content: Given our company’s emphasis on high-quality content, Piyush Mishra’s performances offered unique and engaging experiences for the audience. His work carried depth, authenticity, and cultural relevance, aligning well with our company’s values. Thanks to Tamboo for producing such a unique presentation!
  3. Brand Association: Collaborating with a respected and renowned artist like Piyush Mishra has enhanced our company’s brand image and credibility. It demonstrated our commitment to providing top-notch entertainment experiences to our audience.
  4. Audience Engagement: Piyush Mishra’s fanbase, widespread appeal, targeted marketing & persistent communication (about the show) through multi-media helped to drive ticket sales and increase audience engagement during the tour. His performances created a buzz and excitement, attracting both existing and new fans to our events.
  5. Venues & Customer Experience: While the marketing artifacts like posters, emailers, reels etc are important to create a perception about the shows for them to be inviting enough for the customers to purchase the tickets, it is equally important to deliver to that brand promise! With simplified ticketing, aptly designed communications, timely emails, and professional performing art centers we were able to win the hearts of our audiences. Everyday we learn from interesting experiences like: at the Chicago location the vendor forgot to put our order in his system causing a bad 90 min delay in the show start 🙂 We learn a lot from such experiences. And also stand strong to explain to the audiences the nuances of this mad hustle.
  6. Team work and master planning: A lean team at PSE took a lead on execution leadership with an army of crew members that have been handpicked for each of the locations. These are our soldiers on the ground that always make things look simple. A big shoutout to them! A tour that involves 10 locations, venues, ticketing, marketing, sales, media, international artists, their work permits, flights, busses, hotels, U-hauls, Ubers, tech riders (and versions!!), vendors, insurances, cash planning needed a meticulous planning effort. It was fun to work with Trinity Entertainment and Strategic Consultants on this project!
  7. Artistic Collaboration: Beyond this tour, collaborating with Piyush Mishra has opened up various opportunities for us in terms of working with a wider spectrum of artists and producing more shows and tours with a better confidence. We are confident that this collaboration would further elevate the quality and impact of our company’s offerings.

Kudos to our team and everyone involved. Cannot thank them enough 🥹

Overall, touring Piyush Mishra aligned well with Para Share Entertainments []‘s focus on content excellence. 9000+ people enjoyed the show at 10 locations in the United States! Lot of work and learning is staged up for the coming time.

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